Vriksha Shwasa


Aham Brahmasmi


Sarva Dosha Nivarna Maha Yajna

Universal peace & harmony

Panchamaha Bhutha

Calming – Balancing

New Life

Taming the toxins

The Unseen Hand

From childhood, Sadguruji loved nature and would spend hours observing the sky, stars and trees. The search went on. Several strange thoughts flashed across this little boy’s mind. While studying in the primary school, an astounding thing happened.

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His Insight

The power that runs the universe is reflected in all beings. The micro-organism, insect, animal, bird,snake-pit, hillock, tree, snake, dog, donkey. . . . .the Consciousness inherent in each unit of them is One – the Universal Consciousness.

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Healing Touch

Sadguruji has reached out to countless people with the wealth of His medical and spiritual knowledge. He is a Karma Yogi, by helping us to face and understand our karma.

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