Man cannot fight any animal without the aid of a weapon, but a single microbe can cause abnormal damage.

– Pujya Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Sai Kumar Babaji

Ours is an incredible journey of life from birth through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. The human body, a wonderful gift of God, is that competent vehicle that makes this journey of life plausible. What was once a boon has now become the scourge of our life? Why has everything changed? Why?

While we get our vehicles serviced regularly, we do not spare the same kind of time and effort, to get our physical body serviced. Time and again, instead of using it, we tend to abuse it. Sedentary lifestyle, pollution, improper food habits, stress, excessive medication, lack of exercise, bad habits… cause wear and tear. The ensuing ill effects manifest in the form of decay and disease. We generally take medication to heal or suppress the onslaught of diseases, but we do not address the cause behind all these visible manifestations. The root cause is the accumulation of toxins in different parts of our body. These toxins cause blockages and mutate, thus causing most of the ailments we suffer from.

An overload in toxicity in the body will flow to all bodily systems, including the immune system, causing a decrease in normal functions and performance. There are many misconception about toxins and about the best way to clear them from our body. Toxins are chemicals with potentially harmful side effects which cause many an ailment and lead to an imbalanced ph. An acidic imbalance will decrease the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, energy production in the cells, ability to repair damaged cells, ability to detoxify heavy metals, and make it more susceptible to fatigue and illness.

Now, what are these toxins? How are they formed? Where in the body do they accumulate? What diseases do they result in?

Lets look around at the various causes responsible for our deteriorating health.

  • Environmental Pollution : Man’s abuse towards nature, and agressive farming techniques have led to soil erosion and robbed it of the minerals needed to sustain life. Heavy metals contained in toileteries, cosmetics, gases and pesticides are hazadrous. Even the water we drink is chemically treated. Pollution through air, water & soil  cause respiratory ailments and viral infections.
  • Genetically Modified Foods: To obtain a larger yield, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds are used. Due to which plants produce toxins, which cause damage to our organs, leading to diseases like cancer.
  • Stress : Even a little stress can be so lethal that its impact can cause irritation, lack of concentration, headache, and rapid heartbeat. It also kills brain cells, shrinks the brain, adds fat to the stomach, reduces memory and even unravels your chromosomes.
  • Imbalanced Diet :  Most of us consume food that is disastrously unnatural and unhealthy, and at irregular timings, thereby resulting in chronic ailments. Our diet today comprises of limited options that is depriving us of a balanced nutriention. This leads to several vitamin & mineral deficiencies that hampers our immune system.
  • Animal products :  To augment the production of milk, eggs and meat,  lethal hormones are injected into animals. When an animal is being slaughtered, stress related hormones are released, which in turn get injected into our system when we consume it.
  • Consuming Acidic Foods : The reason acidosis is more common in our society is mostly due to the typical diet, which is far too high in acid producing animal products like meat, eggs and dairy and far too low in alkaline producing foods like fresh vegetables. Additionally, we eat acid producing processed foods like white flour and sugar and drink acid producing beverages like coffee sweetners which are poison and extremely acid forming.
  • Addictions : Most people are addicted to tobacco, gutka, medications, partying, social networking, sleeping late & waking up late, thus transcending the laws of nature which tend to have an adverse effect on their metabolism.
  • Sedentary  lifestyle: Lack of exercise causes shrinking and weakening of muscles. This hampers the immune system and digestion, resulting in several ailments. Prolonged exposure to cell phone, video games, computers, and T.V causes harmful radiations

When you feel tired, irritated, angry, have allergies, headaches, insomnia, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and are prey to a of host chronic ailments, it is time then to comprehend that your body is getting loaded with stagnating toxins, clogging your blood, lymph, lungs, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, intestines, reproductive organs, colon….. Its time to cleanse and let your organs breathe. ‘New Life’ is for you!

What is New Life designed to do?

New Life is a systemic cleansing herbal formulation. It is designed to effectively promote liver and kidney detoxification; resulting in blood and tissue cleansing by naturally stimulating the cleansing capacity of these organs. New Life can help in the elimination of cellular metabolic waste, dietary toxemia, environmental toxins, and general toxic inundation. It can also help eliminate the toxemia from drug usage. It can be used as both an integral part of a preventative detox regime, or as a targeted organ cleanse program.

Taming the toxins!

There are many filters in the body, such as the colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, skin etc. To understand them better put it in a single way.

Skin: The skin is the body’s largest organ for eliminating toxins and wastes. Blemished skin can signify harmful toxins being ingested but not properly detoxed from the body. Water is the “toxic avenger”. Without enough water to help the body flush out the wastes, the body is basically like a pool of poisons resulting in many kinds of health issues.

The Lung is the first detox organ to get in contact with airborne toxins, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and allergens. To cleanse the lungs means to rid your body of the toxins that could be affecting the function of the organs. The human body requires adequate Oxygenation for cellular health. Oxygen displaces deadly free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic (depleted of oxygen) bacteria, parasites, microbes and viruses. It also greatly enhances the body’s absorption of important nutrients.

Our body has billions of cells that need regular supply of fuel and oxygen to function. Blood meets these requirements and ensures proper functioning of cells, thus, also making sure that our body keeps in good health. The Lymphatic system is nicknamed “River of Life”, obstruct the river and the consequences can be severe. The nourishment received and efficiency of cells in the body are directly depended on the Lymphatic System. Poor circulation in the lymph causes an overload of harmful waste and thymus, tonsils and spleen all begin to suffer. The lymph system picks up fluids and waste products from the spaces between the cells and then filters and cleans them. Lymph vessels are found throughout the body and 70% are located below the skin. The lymph nodes act as ‘Check points’ along the pathway of vessels.

The Colon has bacteria that produce both healthy and unhealthy chemicals and bacteria. Its role is to flush out toxic chemicals before they get recycled into the blood stream. Maintaining the moisture balance of the wastes expelled from the body is the major function of the colon. Probiotics are tiny organisms that help with the bodies immunity stemming in the gut. They prevent damage to the cells, beat down cancer cells and strengthen our immune system. A constant balance is required to help the body.

The Lymphatic System: The lymph system picks up fluids and waste products from the spaces between the cells and then filters and cleans them. Lymph vessels are found throughout the body and 70% are located below the skin. The lymph nodes act as ‘Check points’ along the pathway of vessels.

 The Liver functions as the body’s chemical factory. When the liver is over-stressed all other organs start to dysfunction. It breaks down not only the external toxins that invade our body through breathing and eating, but also those produced during normal metabolic processes in the body. When you eat fatty food, your liver breaks down the fat with the help of bile, which is stored in the Gallbladder. This process raises the cholesterol content of your bile. A sluggish liver will not manufacture enough bile salts to keep the cholesterol from hardening, which then crystallizes into gall stones.

Kidney process about 200 quarts (approx. 189 liters.) to clear out 2 quarts (approx. 1.89 liters) of waste and excess water. The purified blood is processed back to the body while the unwanted substances end up in the urine. It works to keep acid waste of your blood constant, regulates blood pressure, stimulates production of R.B.C.’s and maintains body calcium levels. Without kidneys, waste products and toxins would build up to a dangerous levels in the blood and subsequently damage your body.

Chemical Chaos
The foods we eat and the air we breathe all contain chemicals harmful to our bodies. Our systems struggle to eliminate an overload of waste products without assistance. Sluggish, underperforming organs can spell trouble, but by embracing the New Life program, we can cleanse and clear ourselves, to better equip our systems to cope.

Feeling Fine
The physical advantages of this program are said to be numerous, with many claiming that they have never felt better. Higher energy levels and more efficient digestion are among the most common benefits. These advantages would seem to make sense – free of its toxic burden, the body’s efficiency significantly increases.

Looking Good
Cleansing our bodies on the inside can have fantastic effects on the outside, too. Glowing, clear skin, shiny hair and strong nails have all been attributed to detox. Along with drinking more water that twinkle in your eye, is likely to result from increased intake of vitamins and nutrients, giving your system just what it needs to shine from the inside out.

Body, Mind and Soul
The advantages of New Life, don’t begin and end with the physical. After a detox, many people report greater mental clarity, and a better ability to concentrate. It’s a great idea to balance your diet with some gentle Swasa Kriya Yoga exercises and meditation, focused on calming and clearing your mind. Remember that a healthy body deserves a healthy mind to match!

The Long View
By encouraging a healthier diet, New Life can show the way, to a healthier lifestyle all round. Once you feel the benefits of living without alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, along with other toxins, it’s likely that you’ll want to keep some aspects of your detox, long term. Some allergy sufferers note that their symptoms clear up during a detox, helping them to identify triggers and alleviate problems on an on-going basis.

Deep Down
The benefits of the New Life program on our organs are thought to be great. Free radicals that evade elimination and get stuck throughout our systems are gathered up and removed, and the body is freer to fight the cells that cause serious illness. By cleansing the digestive system, detox can promote healthy, more regular bowel movements and alleviate the symptoms of IBS and other similar ailments.

Through this program, energy gently resonates to every single cell because the blood does a complete circuit with the system, helping the cells to offload toxins and take up fresh new oxygen, diet and hydration. Soon after detoxing, people usually report that their indicators have improved since the toxic load that triggered them is eliminated. Power levels go up and people feel revitalised.

The very best way to determine the advantages of a detox is to try one yourself to make your body happier by a mile. There’s no time like the present! The New Life, detox, helps you rejuvenate and know how to eat right, drink right, sleep right, handle stress, exercise, laugh and meditate. This is the way for rightful living.

Program Features

10 days prior to the programme a diet schedule and a medication kit will be given to you. A simple, gentle detoxification food chart should be followed to prepare your body to start its own extraordinary internal detoxification system. The medication is all natural and herbal will help throw parasites, purify blood, cleanse liver, kidneys, intestines and the colon.

Do call our Program Co-ordinator to confirm your admission.

1. New Life Programe (NLP)

3 days quick detoxification programme.

Duration: Wednesday to Sunday

Taming the toxins (TTT)

A deeper cleansing programme at cellular level using the guidelines of Panchakarma and panchabhuta healing for the body.

Purification of the body at “New Life Programme” is done by eliminating morbid doshas by Panchakarma.

The Panchakarma aspects are :

  1. Vamana : Therapeutic vomiting
  1. Virechanam : Purgation
  1. Basti : Enema
  1. Nasya : Elimination of toxins through the nose.
  1. Rakta Moksha : Detoxification of the blood.

Pancha Bhoota Healing (The 5-Elements Healing)

Pancha-Bhoota Healing is a simple and most efficient way for healing. The body with the Five Elements of Mother Nature that is within you. Any imbalances in those disrupts normal healing and rejuvenation process.

1. Through Water Therapy
72% of our body and 83% of the brain is made of water. It is the first and basic step in the five step healing or Pancha Bhoota healing. Water detoxifies the body and mind in an amazingly simple way and restores acidic, alkaline balance.

2. Earth (Food) Therapy
The next abundant and basic element of our body is Food. The quality, quantity and combination determine the fate of our body and mind for food purifies our body, mind and restores balance.

3. Fire Therapy
Heat or fire helps in circulation or movement of nutrients and toxins in the body. The exercises that produce heat, connects the body and mind.

4. Air Therapy
The most critical element for the survival of the body is this air element. The mind is so connected with the breath and so coordinates the body and the mind.

5. Space Therapy
Awareness is life and that is the fundamental of existence. This awareness aspect is the Space element. Getting connected to our own being, at the subtlest level, nourishes and cleanses our mind and the body.


New Life program is an in-house stay of 3 days in Ashram. It can be backed up every month depending upon the severity of the case. The therapies given here will supplement the New Life program, which includes traditional ayurvedic treatments, alternative therapies, yogic exercises, balanced diet, individual health counselling and a complete health profile. The treatments given here cleanse the body, helps clear toxins and rejuvenate the whole body, restoring you back on the track of good health. It is specially useful in removing heavy metals from the tissues and organs and eliminate them from the body. Prior to the programme a diet schedule and a medication kit will be given to you. A simple, gentle detoxification food chart if followed will prepare your body to start its own extraordinary internal detoxification system.

Check the dates on the website.

Duration: Sunday to Saturday (7 days) in-house stay

Body, Mind and Soul:
New Life is designed to help to get all your organs back to their optimal function. It is not just about eating the right foods, its about treating your body in a right way, with Shwasa Kriya Yoga exercises and meditation. After a detox, many people report greater mental clarity, concentration and heightened spiritual awareness. Remember that a healthy body deserves a healthy mind to match!