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Guru Vani


Sadguruji’s simplicity in expounding vedic knowledge is commendable.

This Vedic message has no barriess of race, creed, caste or religion. It is universal and eternal.

1. Pure vision is the lamp for God, Pure speech is the voice of the Vedas , and Pure mind is the abode of God.

2. To know everything is to know nothing,to know thyself is to know everything.

3. God has created only four classes : worms, insects, birds, animals and human beings.Castes are but man-made.

4. We need Rin soap to clean the dirt of clothes, Colgate toothpaste to brush the teeth, shampoo for the hair, broomstick to sweep the floor, and a Dove soap to clean the sweat and dirt of our body. But do we clean the dirt collected in the eyes, tongue, ear, heart,mind. So chant the divine name of Lord “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare” which is the Maha-Mantra par excellence of Kali Yuga and Sai Mantra “Sai Shiva Hari Om”.
5. Love is our form, Love is our breath, Love is our food, Love is our nature, Love is our message, Love all, serve all should be our aim.

6. Before you talk, think-is it necessary? Is it true? Will it hurt anyone? Will it improve upon the silence? Silence is the eloquent speech of the spiritual seeker and it is the only language of the realised. By the practice of silence the energy of speech is slowly transmitted into spiritual energy. Silence has a marvellous soothing influence on the brain, heart and nerves. Silence is power, Silence is a living force, Silence is God.

7. 90% of heaven and hell are right here: Hospitals for diseases like tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, etc. are veritable auxiliaries of hell. One must reach the suffering patients there and serve God through them.

8. When there is no separate Buddhisht Air, Christian Water, Muslim Ether, Zoroastrian Fire or Hindu Earth, isn’t God one and same for all ?

9. We all need a mother’s womb, a religion, a holy text, a nation and a race to give us an identity. So give up all discrimination based on such issues. We may be Ram glorifying the Srimad-Bhagawad Geetha today, but tomorrow we could be Mohammed Ismail with the Holy Quran or John with the Holy Bible. Therefore do not belittle another man’s religion or holy text as less significant than your own.

10. We have two eyes but karma has countless eyes and follows man like his shadow.

11. Prayer needs a heart, not a voice.

12. A kind of smoke gives rise to that kind of clouds,
That kind of clouds showers that kind of rain,
That kind of rain produces that kind of crop,
That kind of crop reaches that kind of food,
That kind of food begets that kind of karma (action)
That kind of karma begets that kind of result. (reaction)