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Excerpts from Sadguruji’s divine message on Guru Pournima 2013!

377186_10151041247588843_412674880_nGuru Pournima, also known as Vyasa Pournima, is considered a grand festival occasion, by both the Guru and His disciples. The Guru-Sishya(Master-Disciple) bond is both deep and intense. When a true disciple is found, the Guru is overjoyed. He does not sleep. The Guru contemplates, ‘I am at this level, but then, my disciple should rise to even greater heights than me.’

On the day of Guru Pournima , it often rains, and this rain is symbolic of ‘Pushpa varsha’ (rain of flowers), wherein the rain drops splash onto the ground appearing much similar to flowers. It is indicative of the blessing of the Gods. Today, you will all not leave empty handed, each one of you shall derive the grace of the Guru, to the best extent possible.

On this auspicious day, sage Vyasa was born. Sage Vyasa toiled enormously to preserve and propagate the Vedas. He did extensive penance and upheld the outstanding legacy of His ancestors, such as Vasishta, Sakti… the life histories of these seers can bring a whiff of life energy, even into the bodies of the dead. Vasishta, Sakti, Parasara, Vyasa, Sukha… all belong to a heritage. There are many persons in the annals of history who have destroyed and maligned the ancient tradition of their ancestors. But these Mahatmas, painstakingly built on each of their predecessor’s hard work. They were alarmed about the loss of the knowledge of the Vedas in the sands of time, and wished to preserve them for posterity. The Vedas are a treasure house of boundless information. They have everything embedded in them, from building a plane to playing a game. The summary of each single syllable contained in them, can be explained in ten or more pages. In the days when there was neither pen nor paper, the sage seated in deep meditation, absorbed each syllable from the Cosmic Reverberation, and meticulously engraved it on palm leaves. Thus laying the foundation for the modern day Vedic scriptures, which later came out in print. These Vedas successfully cleared the innumerous doubts that plagued the minds of the human race, on various subjects, such as space, oceans, human body and so on. This is why; Bharat is called the Vedabhoomi or the Tapobhoomi.

Through the grace of my Guru, from the year 1967, I have been writing about the divinations that pertain to the future, in a book titled ‘Bavishyavani’. Each Guru Pournima day, it has been a practice to disclose a few pages from this book. Here are a few glimpses from this forthcoming divine endeavor.

In the year 1976, I have mentioned that telephone poles will slowly disappear and that a radio will play in every pocket. Today, such a radio that not only plays but also listens, the mobile phone, has become prevalent. Although, the mobile phone has immense advantages, it is extremely hazardous to our health. It impairs the hearing ability of the ears, reduces memory, and increases anger, B.P. & blood sugar levels. It can even result in formation of clots and cancer in the brain. It can be instrumental in the sprouting of several new ailments in the body.

Today, there is a law in Delhi, wherein it is prohibited to have dark tinted film fixed on windows of vehicles. This film that already exists on vehicles plying on the streets, is being ruthlessly peeled away. In the same manner, in the not so distant future, people will throw away their mobile phones in the garbage bins on the streets.

In the near future, one need not pay any electricity bill. Solar energy will be used to generate electricity. Vehicles will run on solar energy. In the same way lunar energy will also be tapped. Vehicles will run on lunar energy on moon days. Vehicles will also run on springs. In future, if solar energy is not tapped, the temperatures in Hyderabad will rise to 70 – 80 degrees. In case solar energy is sufficiently tapped, the temperatures will continue to remain at 30 – 40 degrees. One time installation cost will suffice, and no further bills to pay. In the future, if a wire is connected to the MCH garbage bin or to the drainage pipe in front of our house, electricity can be generated. There will be no need to make any payment, no matter how much power you consume.

In future, a gadget will be available that enables instant transmission of images and messages. For example: A wife can send her husband a picture message informing that lunch is ready, and the whole image is visible via this gadget to the husband. This gadget can be mounted on the spectacles. This causes less radiation, but can result in accidents and other problems.

Regions such as America, London, Japan, China, Pakistan, Africa, Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and in India -Calcutta, Assam, Orissa, Bihar, and few areas in Telangana, will face some severe crisis situations. Man is totally responsible for them.

Generally, it has been a custom that when the grandfather files a case in court, his grandson wins. Justice is so prolonged, and there is often no honesty in lawyers, judges or the law. In order to curb all this, an injection will soon be invented that will bring out the truth from the accused. Images can be captured from his eyes and viewed on the monitor. They will show the crime scene, location where the evidence (e.g. A gun or knife) is hidden. This will greatly help in arriving at the final judgment, whether the victim is guilty or innocent.

Soon, children will no longer look after their parents. Every colony will have an old age home, hospital and a temple. Municipality gardens or playgrounds, will be converted as homes for the aged or physically challenged. People will make monthly payments and leave their family members there. Even the Government will support this.

In times to come, the Bhima River near the BhimaSankara Jyotirlinga temple will overflow. Cows and dogs will be washed away in the flood. They will get stranded in some places. Strangely, the dogs will start feeding on milk from the udders of the cows, and then bark. The cows will immediately kick them away and start to bellow. Upon hearing these bellows, mentally ill persons will get cured. Few others will be badly affected. This is perhaps, a divine scheme of balancing the good and bad.

Today families send their children to America, London etc. for higher studies. But, in the near future, people from America and London will come to India for higher studies. They will earn highest degrees, become great scientists or may even turn into great Yogis or Mahatmas. Abundant knowledge can be obtained here. Soon people will come here in search of God, and some shall attain Him too. When queried, where are you going, people will proudly say, ‘Bharat’. That day will soon be here.

In future, when a person expires, the body will neither be bathed nor cremated. A van of a limited company will arrive, give a cheque and take the body away. The healthier the dead body, the bigger the amount. They will then switch on a machine and bathe the body, and dispatch it to a company, from where, eyes, head, eyebrows, liver, skin, gall bladder, legs, bones, nerves and other body parts will be bought by individual companies who deal with those parts. The more beautiful or healthy the parts are, the greater the demand and higher the price. That day will soon arrive.

To be cont…