When Sadguruji was an infant, his parents named him ‘Sai’. It was divine providence that the decision was taken, despite the fact that none of them knew about Sai Baba, then. Later, when he joined school, his teacher added ‘Kumar’ and made it ‘Sai Kumar.’ From childhood, Sadguruji loved nature and would spend hours observing do-paisa-ka-sai-babathe sky, stars and trees. The search went on. Several strange thoughts flashed across this little boy Sai Kumar’s mind. While studying in the primary school, an amazing thing happened. Sai Kumar saw a Fakir who was holding a chain with a locket, saying, “dou paise ka Sai Baba (Sai Baba for two paise)!” His strong body, face resplendent with divine aura, the smile on His face in spite of His torn robe (the kafni) He wore and the turban on His head mesmerized the boy. The Fakir came towards him, placed a locket in his hand and asked him to wear it around his neck. The moment the locket came into the young Sai Kumar’s hand, he felt as if he had received solutions to all his queries. He felt as though that touch awakened the spiritual energy lying dormant within him. The photo in the locket resembled the Fakir that surprised Sai Kumar. He felt an unknown bliss envelop him. The boy asked the Fakir to wait and immediately went running home and brought the money, but the Fakir was not there. Sai Kumar cycled the whole village in his little bicycle. Later, he came to know that the Fakir was none other than his revered Lord, the Sai Baba of Shirdi.

One day a yogi with grey hair, in the guise of a mad man fascinated the young Sai Kumar. Children passing by, pelted stones at Him assuming Him to be mad. He in turn started pelting stones and spitting at them. But for the young Sai Kumar, He did not seem to be an insane person. He experienced an instant connection between both of them and started skipping school and followed Him regularly. The yogi would discourage him from this by pelting stones and spittingspitting at him.Undeterred by all this, Sai Kumar continued to follow Him. One fine day, he reached an isolated place in Athvelli village in Medchal taluq of Ranga Reddy district of Telangana State. The yogi sat down with His back leaning to a Berrow Tree. The tree which had dried up years back, upon the touch of the yogi, revived back to life and was resplendent with fruits. Witnessing this spectacular scene the young Sai Kumar understood that He was a Maha Yogi in the guise of a mad man. Sai Kumar decided not to leave His company. In order to obtain His grace, Sai Kumar sat in front of Him with his hands clasped in reverence. The Maha Yogi started to suddenly spit on him. The saliva had the fragrance of sandalwood. The Maha Yogi kept doing this from morning to afternoon. The young Sai Kumar’s clothes and body became wet with His saliva.

There was no change in him and continued to sit there with clasped hands. The Maha Yogi was moved and spoke to Sai Kumar for the first time, questioning him, if His saliva was not repulsive. The young Sai Kumar was delighted to hear His loving and sweet voice. When he nodded his head in denial, the Maha Yogi put His hand on Sai Kumar’s head and caressed him lovingly. His miraculous touch made him forget himself. Satpurushas bestow their grace through their touch, word and vision. Sadguruji was truly fortunate to be in the presence of one such Satpurusha – Guru Ram Baba Bairagi. Overjoyed with Sai Kumar’s spiritual quest; the Maha Yogi became the teacher and blessed him with several siddhis, to be used for the benefit of mankind. The young Sai Kumar spent several days of sadhana near the Maha Yogi.He was only twelve then and wished to be in isolation and perform penance in the serenity of the forests. Sai Kumar invoked his Guru Ram Baba Bairagi, who immediately appeared in front of him, understood his predicament and took him to the forests in Kerala. This was in the 1950’s. The young Sai Kumar visited Idukki, Anamudi, Pamba; spent the nights under trees and eat fruits and edible roots available there. While travelling through these dense forests, he came across some unique and astonishing occurrences.

There was a peculiar place where a number of snakes would bite into the stones located there and the stones would immediately turn black. The snakes would then gradually become smaller in size, grew wings and flew away. Comprehending that those stones possessed divine powers, the little boy picked one stone and kept it with him. Seeing this Ram Baba Bairagi revealed to him about the powers of an Avatara Purusha whose age and whereabouts were unknown. To receive His grace, He said that it was required to fast and undergo rigorous penance for a period of 40 days. Ram Baba Bairagi blessed the young Sai Kumar to be successful in his endeavor and left.

Leaving aside fear and hesitation, Sai Kumar increased his will power to receive the benediction of the Avatara Purusha. From that day onwards consuming only a fist full of margosa leaves and a little milk, he started performing sadhana in a cave. By the end of 40 days, the young Sai Kumar felt very weak and lifeless. It was on the 40th day cowwhen he even couldn’t crawl out of the cave, a cow came inside the cave and sat beside him. After some time the cow stood up and milk descended from its udder. Realizing that it was the will of the Divine Sai Kumar drank the milk from her udder and instantaneously felt a divine flow of energy within. The Avatara Purusha who is known to never give darshan in full form, always appeared with half of His body visible on full moon days and the other half visible on new moon days. Pleased with Sai Kumar’s sadhana He gave the little boy darshan in His full form. He is Guru Ramalingeshwara Swamy.

The Avatara Purusha was always on the move along with 120 spiritual aspirants. During the time Sai Kumar spent in His service, he learnt and exchanged knowledge with them regarding trees and their medicinal properties. The young Sai Kumar showed them glowing, talking and healing trees and they in turn imparted their wealth of knowledge to him.The goldsmith conducts the acid test to check the purity of gold. Likewise, the tradition of the Master-disciple relationship follows the same principle. The Guru puts forward several trials and tribulations in the path of his disciple, to check on the progress of his spiritual quest. These tests or hurdles are both stringent and challenging, and are aimed at fortifying the disciple against any challenges he may face, later in life. Overcoming these check points is mandatory on the road to success for any spiritual aspirant. Even Sri Ramalingeshwara Swamy followed this practice. He put all His disciples through rigorous tests to validate their progress. With immense faith in the Guru’s sacred feet, the young Sai Kumar was able to emerge successfully through the tests coordinated between all the aspirants. Guru Ramalingeshwara Swamy then blessed him and conferred the title ‘SADGURU’. He then gave Sadguruji some sacrosanct objects to be used for the benefit of man. Ultimately, He gave darshan in the form of Guru Ram Baba Bairagi and Sai Baba, thus clearing all of Saguruji’s doubts and reinstating his faith in Sai Baba. He has indeed been manifesting in various forms to protect and guide Sadguruji at each and every step in life, till date.