Sun –Tree – Man- Chakra

…… the First dimensional awakening

Ancient Yoga focuses on the spiritual enlightenment and physical fitness of a human being. This art has derived its principles from the ’Patanjali Shastra’ and focuses on the concept of healthy being and healthy living. Sages and saints have practised this art for centuries in India is to understand one’s self and the motive of one’s existence.

According to Hindu legend, there are 84 lac asans or postures. It is said that Adi Guru Lord Shiva demonstrated 84,000 asans and later Patanjali Maharishi reduced their number to make it easy for mankind. Shwasa is an extract from these yogasans, which is indeed the most practised, simple, effective, curative and preventive method for one and all.  Shwasa means to inhale and exhale. Life is absolutely dependent upon breath. From the first faint breath of the infant to the last gasp of the dying person, it is one long stretch of continued shwasa or breath. From the womb to the tomb, life is totally dependent upon shwasa. Shwasa is the external manifestation of the prana shakti in us. In 24 hrs a day, we breathe in and out 21,600 times that is, in one hour we breathe in and out 900 times, in 1 minute we breathe in and out 15 times. But our life span doesn’t depend on how many times we breath in and out. The more rhythmically we breathe, life is open to many possibilities. Shwasa if practiced the entire internal system is cleansed, blood is purified and there is more of oxygenation.

Vriksha Shwasa Kriya introduced by H.H.Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Sai Kumarji in the year 1967,  is easy to practice for today’s modern man. The purification  of 72,000 nadis is magnified, when the rays of the sun fall on us through the branches of the tree at the time of sunrise or sunset, the energy that emanate’s with the culmination of Shwasa is Vriksha Shwasa Kriya.

Surya Mukhi attracts the principal of the sun into the fire of the sun within, by activating the solar energy and balancing ida and Pingala. Surya Mukhi makes the mind calm, clear and focused, strenghtens weak constitutions, irons out rough knots on the physical plane and enchances feeling of oneness with the cosmos.

Regular practice when done under trees in perfect symetry with least amount of resistance or friction it is phenomenal. Though physical its a spiritual process that stimulates physiological & psychological wellness on one hand & rhythmically sync’s the fire within by balancing body, mind & soul. Thereby starting the journey of your sadhana.

Vriksha Shwasa Kriya leads you to the door of possibility. VSK offers you an opportunity to prevent  ailments which arise due to wear and tear of the body, stress and strain which is prominent in the body and mind surfacing as B.P., Diabetes, Migraine, Headaches, Cervical spondillyits, Sciatica, Allergies, Malignanacy, Tuberculosis. Sedentary lifestyle, long hours at the computer, junk food, lack of exercise..etc which aggravates health conditions, for we don’t follow the laws of nature. Astounding results can be experienced with people having chronic ailments.

Practising this high technique under trees, when the rays of the sun falls on them at the time of sunrise or sunset, helps to activate the seven chakras, which are blocked due to various reasons thereby energizing the related organs and helps them to function well and heal the body by itself. For example : Arjuna tree is choosen for heart ailments, Blackberry tree for diabetes, Adusa tree for respiratory problems and so on…, For more details read Chakra Shwasa book.

Just as in photosynthesis when photons, the light particles from the rays of the Sun falls on the tree, the nucleus of the trees gets energized and synthesizes smaller molecules into complex molecular structures like glucose, vitamins, minerals, etc. In the same way trees are the source of energy to man which in turn thrive on the energy from the Sun. The negative, sick energy, carbon dioxide released from Man is converted by the trees and returned to us as positive energy and Oxygen.

Earth has the power to absorb all the sick energy from the soles of the feet or through mooladhara chakra, which is filtered by the roots of the tree which converts it to positive energy through its branches and leaves, with which the cosmic energy of the Sun gets absorbed into the crown region or Sahasrara chakra. Inundating the body with renewed energies.

Chanting  along with the rhythmic flow of your Shwasa helps to activate the subtle energy centres in your body which are responsible for maintaining good health of the body and mind. Different types of yoga like Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga and mudras when performed under trees the intensity, sensitivity & receptivity awareness of the chakras is magnified.

 Compliment Vriskha Shwasa Kriya with Hastha Yoga – (Self-Reflexology with a smile)

Some who cannot do traditional yoga due to various health or body conditions, a technique called Hastha Kriya can be performed with other asanas like Markata Yoga and Sai Shiva Hari Om. When appropriate pressure is applied to specific points and areas which correspond to different body organs and meridians, it has a beneficial effect on the organs and improves a person’s general health. Reflexology is growing increasingly popular across Europe and Asia both as a compliment to other treatments and as a preventive measure. Join us and feel joyful on Sundays at 7a.m.